Privacy policy

Protecting customers' personal data is one of Stella Fashion's utmost priorities.   

This document aims to explain to customers how Stella Fashion collects and handles their data, as well as to outline their rights in this respect.

Who collects my data?

The data controller responsible for collecting and processing personal data is STELLA FASHION, a company with head offices located at 38, Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, registered under number 749 923 066, and which can be contacted at +33(0)1 45 08 14 12 or

What data does Stella Fashion collect?

Depending on the nature and purpose of your interactions with the website, Stella Fashion may collect the following data: 

When browsing: 

Stella Fashion may collect the reference URL (meaning the web address for the website you visited before being redirected to our website), the date, connection time and time zone, the duration of your browsing session, your browser type and language, your IP address, and the name of your Internet provider.  

When creating a customer account:

Using the sign-up form, Stella Fashion collects each customer's first name and surname, postal address, email address, mobile phone number, and the password used to log into their customer account.  

When interacting with the customer service team:

Stella Fashion collects the content of these exchanges.

When placing an order:

Stella Fashion collects data that customers provide upon placing orders, meaning their first name and surname, postal address (for both billing and shipping), mobile phone number, email address, and all information pertaining to payment methods. 

Data pertaining to payment methods (bank card number, expiry data, authorisation code, security code) are collected directly by Stella Fashion's service provider, Stripe. This service provider's privacy policies are accessible directly on their website. 

Third-party suppliers of apps, tools, gadgets, and plug-ins on the website and mobile app, as well as on the networks to which Stella Fashion publishes editorial and promotional content (such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) may also use automated methods related to interests and context to collect users' data (interaction with features and online activity profiling). This data is collected directly by these service providers and/or third parties, and is subject to their own policies. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, Stella Fashion may not be held liable for these service providers’ and third parties’ practices.


For what purposes does Stella Fashion collect my personal data? 

The data collected as a result of the use of the website is processed for the purposes described in the table below.

These purposes are as follows: 

  • Performing an agreement entered into with the customer, such as a sales agreement. In this respect, some customer personal data is necessary to ensure the items they order are delivered, to manage their customer account and any potential returns they may wish to make;
  • Ensuring compliance with a legal requirement, for example ensuring that Stella Fashion complies with its accounting obligations;
  • Obtaining the data subject's prior consent; 
  • Stella Fashion's legitimate interests, providing the customer's rights and freedoms are respected. 


Purposes of processing

Use of data

Legal basis for processing data

Order management, handling complaints, withdrawals, and returns for items. 

The data is used to supply the products and services to the customer: selling products and returning and refunding ordered products.

Performing an agreement entered into between the customer and Stella Fashion.

Delivery of ordered products.

Personal data is used to ensure the ordered products are delivered.

Performing an agreement entered into between the customer and Stella Fashion.

Executing transactions (payments).

Stella Fashion's payment service provider (Stripe) uses information pertaining to payment methods to execute transactions. They are responsible for collecting the data.

Performing an agreement entered into between the customer and Stella Fashion. 

This data may also be used to prevent fraud upon paying for an order and/or handling unpaid invoices following an order. 

Stella Fashion's legitimate interests with respect to preventing fraud;


Compliance with a legal requirement. 

Creating and managing customer accounts.

Personal data for customers registered with the website are used (email address, password), as well as data pertaining to orders and their execution.

Performing an agreement entered into between the customer and Stella Fashion;


Compliance with a legal requirement.

Improving customer service quality.

In order to improve customer service quality, interactions between the customer service team and the customer may be recorded. Customers may object to such processing at any time.

Customer consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.

Taking part in special events (such as competitions, games, prize draws, offers), and taking part in the loyalty scheme with the exception of online gambling and games of chance which are subject to approval by the French Regulatory Authority for Online Games).

Personal data is used to manage participation in various special events. 

Customer consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.

Managing customer relationships.


Compliance with a legal requirement. 

Sending newsletters and special offers, provided the user ticks the box intended for this purpose to give their consent, upon creating their customer account.

Personal data is used to keep customers updated on Stella Fashion's products and services. 

Consent from the data subject when the latter is not yet a Stella Fashion customer (customers may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of the email they receive). 


Stella Fashion's legitimate interest in offering its customers products likely to interest them due to their similarity to products previously ordered (customers can change their preferences at any time in their customer account, or by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of the email they receive).

Analysing visits to the website, their duration and frequency, as well as measuring audience and conducting studies, statistics, and surveys (cookies) and improving the user experience.

Data is collected via cookies.

Customer consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.


Does Stella Fashion share my personal data?                         

Stella Fashion never shares personal data with third parties for commercial purposes.

Stella Fashion takes care to ensure that only those with sufficient permissions are able to access data where this access is necessary for the aforementioned purposes. 

Data may also be shared with service providers when the data in question is strictly necessary to the latter providing the services entrusted to them by Stella Fashion (such as delivery and online payment).

Service providers with access to users' personal data

The personal data collected is transmitted to Stella Fashion's service providers, who may process this data on behalf of Stella Fashion (data processors) and/or on their own behalf (data recipients).

The data recipients are:

  • Stripe, payment service provider,
  • La Poste / Colissimo, delivery service provider,
  • La Poste / Chronopost, delivery service provider,
  • Any police or administrative authority in the context of court orders pertaining to anti-fraud measures,
  • Customs services and authorities for international deliveries.

Stella Fashion's subcontractors may be required to access the collected data for:

  • Preparing and shipping product orders and returns;
  • Improving website and mobile app content;
  • Maintenance and technical development operations for Stella Fashion's website and internal applications, including entities responsible for handling web hosting (Shopify) and information storing, suppliers, and tag management and analytics services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager. 

How long does Stella Fashion keep my data? 

Users' data is not retained beyond the time period strictly necessary for the intended purposes mentioned in this policy, in compliance with the applicable law and regulations.

In this regard, data used for prospecting purposes may be kept for up to three years from the date of last contact with the prospect in question. 

In accordance with Article L. 110-4 of the French Commercial Code, data relating to purchases is retained for a duration of five years from the date on which the purchase was made. By way of exception, invoices are retained for a ten-year period in accordance with Article L. 123-22 of the French Commercial Code. 

User data is erased upon expiry of these retention periods. However, the data may be archived beyond these set periods for researching, establishing and prosecuting criminal offences, for the sole purpose of making this data available to the legal authorities as and when necessary.

Archived data is no longer viewable online but is instead extracted and retained on a separate and secure medium.

What are my rights in relation to my personal data, and how can I exercise them? 

Users have the right to modify their personal data and withdraw their consent at any time by logging into their customer account.

Under Articles 14 to 22 of Regulation 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016, any natural person who makes use of the website may exercise the following rights:

  • The right to access, rectify, and erase the collected data,
  • The right to object to the processing of their data,
  • The right to restrict processing,
  • The right to data portability,
  • May formulate requests with respect to how their personal data is retained, erased, and shared following their death.

Users may exercise any of these rights by logging into their customer account, contacting the French-speaking customer service team at, or writing to Stella Fashion – 38, rue du Mont Thabor – 75001 Paris. 

In the event of a lack of response or unsatisfactory reply, users may refer the matter to their country of residence's supervisory body, namely the CNIL in France:

Users may access the personal data that Stella Fashion holds by exporting it in .csv or .pdf format from the 'personal data' section in their customer account.

Finally, should Stella Fashion detect any personal data breach likely to pose a significant threat to the rights and freedoms of its users, it undertakes to inform the users in question thereof as soon as possible.

What measures does Stella Fashion take to safeguard the personal data collected?

In its capacity as a data controller, Stella Fashion undertakes to take all necessary useful precautions to ensure data remains secure and confidential, and in particular to prevent it being altered or distorted, and to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing it.

Stella Fashion has entered into service agreements with partners with proven expertise in data protection.

All data is stored in France or the European Union.

Payment for orders placed on the website is carried out on our payment service provider's secure platform. We do not have access to your payment data. 

What is Stella Fashion's cookie policy?

When you visit the website, Stella Fashion may, with your permission, store cookies on your computer via your browser. Cookies allow Stella Fashion to identify a customer's computer during future visits, for the duration of the cookies’ period of validity or storage. 

Stella Fashion's partners and service providers, as well as third-party companies, may also store cookies on users' computers. Some cookies are indispensable for browsing the website and are in particular essential to the smooth functioning of the ordering process. Removing these cookies may result in problems. Only the cookie issuer can read or change the information contained in the cookie in question.

The information below relates to the cookies likely to be stored on users' terminals when they visit the website's pages, either by Stella Fashion or by third parties, as well as the ways in which customers can delete/block cookies on their device.

What are cookies for?

Cookies allow browsing to be tracked, and users' behaviours to be analysed, in particular:

  • Measuring visits to the website and app, as well as their content;
  • Saving information pertaining to a customer's account when the user is logged in;
  • Personalising display for the content accessible to users.

There are several categories of cookies, some of which are issued directly by Stella Fashion and its service providers, and others may be issued by third-party companies.

Cookies issued by Stella Fashion and its service providers

Required cookies:

Required cookies contribute to making a website usable by enabling basic features such as web page browsing and access to secure areas on a website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

Preference cookies:

Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that alters the way in which the website behaves or displays, such as the user's preferred language, or the region where they are located.

Statistics cookies: 

Statistics cookies help the website's owners understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and sharing information anonymously.

Marketing cookies: 

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across the websites they visit with a view to showing them adverts that are pertinent and relevant to each individual user, and therefore of higher value for third-party web publishers and advertisers.

Cookies issued by third-party companies

Cookies used and issued by third parties on the website are subject to these third parties' privacy protection policies. These cookies are not essential to the browsing experience.

Cookies issued by third-party applications integrated into the website

Stella Fashion may include third-party digital applications on its website that allow users to share content from the website with other persons, or to share a customer's opinion or views in relation to content contained on the website with such other persons. This is the case with features such as the "Share" and "Like" buttons used by social media networks like Facebook, Twitter...

Social media platforms that provide these types of features may identify the user using these buttons, even when the user has not used the button in question during their visit to the website.

These applicative buttons can allow the social media network in question to track a user’s browsing journey through the website, simply through the user having their social media account open on their device (open session) while browsing the website.

Stella Fashion has no control over the processes used by social media networks to collect information pertaining to the user browsing its website and linked to the data they have on file.

Users are invited to check these social media platforms' privacy protection policies for insight into the purposes of use – particularly those related to advertising – for the browsing information these networks may collect via the applicative buttons.

These privacy protection policies must allow the user to exercise their preferences with respect to these social media networks, notably by configuring their user accounts for each of these platforms.

How can I manage what cookies are stored on my device?

Storing non-essential or unnecessary cookies to a user's device is subject to their consent.

By configuring their browser's settings, users can easily choose to accept or decline the storing of cookies on their computer, and this at any time and free of charge. They may configure their browser as they see fit, in such a way as to ensure that cookies are accepted and stored on their computer, or to the contrary, are declined and blocked.

Users can configure their browsers to:

  • Ensure they are occasionally asked to accept or refuse cookies, before a cookie is saved;
  • Always block cookies from being stored on their computer.

Please note that any settings a user may configure on their browser concerning how cookies are accepted or declined may alter their browsing experience and their ability to access some services that require the use of cookies.

If a user opts to decline that cookies be stored on their computer, or if they delete existing stored cookies, Stella Fashion cannot be held liable for any consequences linked to a deterioration in how its services function as a result of its inability to store or check cookies necessary to the services' smooth functioning, and which the user may have blocked or deleted.

The configuration process differs from browser to browser, and is generally outlined in each browser's help section. Stella Fashion therefore invites its users to read up on how their browser's configuration process works in order to learn how to change their cookie preferences. 

If you use Internet Explorer™

In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button, followed by Internet Options. Next, click on the Privacy tab and then Advanced to pull up the Advanced Privacy Settings window.

Next, tick the Override automatic cookie handling box, and select Block in the Third-party Cookies column.

If you use Firefox™

Go to the Tools tab in your browser and select the Options menu.

In the window that pops up, select the Privacy and Security tab, and configure the Keep until settings by selecting Use custom settings for history.

In this menu, users can choose to untick the Accept cookies from sites box or choose Never in the Accept third-party cookies drop-down list.

By clicking on Show cookies..., they can also look for files that contain the word 'PrestaShop', then select and delete them.

If you use Safari™

In your browser, bring up the Edit menu, followed by Preferences.

Click on Security.

Click on Show cookies.

Select all cookies containing the name 'PrestaShop' and click on Remove or Remove all.

Once you have deleted all cookies, click Done.

If you use Google Chrome™

Click on the Settings menu icon, and then Show advanced settings (at the bottom of the page).

Next, click on the Content settings button, and tick the Block third-party cookies and data, and click OK to confirm your choice.

You can also click on Show all cookies and site data, and then run a search for the term 'Prestashop' in the search bar in the top right-hand corner. You can also choose which cookies you'd like to erase, or delete everything by selecting All time in the time range.

If you use Opera™

Open the Tools or Settings menu, and then select Delete private data, and click the Detailed options tab. Next, choose your preferred settings, or visit this link: