Mademoiselle W.F

Collection SS22 « Summer on the Moon »

Our inspirations for this summer 2022: IT IS HIGH TIME TO CELEBRATE!

Miss W.F. needs FUN. Any occasion is good to have fun: parties, celebrations, weddings, ceremonies, reunions.

It's time for her to open her dressing room and bring out her magnificent evening gowns, her most beautiful Gala outfits, her superb bags and her beautiful jewels that combine colours and festivities. The opportunity for her to make her friends jealous by revealing all the purchases she has made over the last two years. Her compulsive purchases, each one crazier than the last (some of which still bear the original label).


Lila, anise green, lemon, peach, gold & silver, pink gold, bronze: these will be the trend colours for summer 2022 and the heel will be "mirrored"!  As she says: Summer on the Moon. 

Friday 15th July / 12.22am (I got home late from the party, I said 9pm max!)

Preparing my suitcase, with a mission: to conquer him again! 

Checking the weapons of seduction: "we're betting everything on the shoes!

For that I need : 

Dabi silver mules, to stay fashionable and glamorous during my morning walks on the beach or at the market -> Ok, it's done

The bronze Adora flat sandals to keep a trendy look even while walking the neighbour's dog -> Done

For my pool parties, nothing better than my Kaipo braided wedges in pink gold to stay chic with its python embossing and comfort by the pool. Enough to spend some nice chill afternoons -> Done 

For evenings out with my friends? My Cayo lila heeled sandals, the perfect combo between elegance and femininity, enough to be sexy and never too much! -> ? Ok done

For dates with Mr. T, several options are possible: 

The black Sulek heeled sandals for a conventional and chic look for the meeting with his family -> Ok it's done

For a bohemian and refined look, Cherylin peach heels for the presentation to his friends -> Done

And don't forget my famous gold Daimon "It-shoes" with their magnificent bow to oust the competitors -> Done

A complicated after party? I absolutely need my anise green Deven mules, casual, chic, original and colourful-> Done

And for the traditional lunch with Aunt Chantal and Tiago, my new friend from Brazil (who, by the way, is the same age as me), the Evie Blancs to avoid any fashion faux pas! -> ? Ok it's done

Collection FW21 : "7h52 Paris-Le Havre"

Mademoiselle W.F is still looking for some freedom, discovery and passion so she decides to escape her Parisian life and jump in the first train to Normandy for a “winter in sunshine” break. .

Got ready in her cocooning puffer boots AMBAR, she enjoys the landscapes that pass before her eyes by the window listening to her friend’s podcast : “Trendy Normandy” that she met during her last summer holidays in Ibiza.

Lost in her mind, her trip is now set so it will be Le Havre Etretat Deauville then Mont Saint Michel and Giverny for the final.

24/09/21 – 9h04 a.m

Arrived at the art center “Le Portique”, she stays speechless in front of all these contemporary oeuvres and put on fire her insta followers. She keeps going on her walk following Arsène Lupin’s vestige (the TV show she watched and loved on Netflix) and she admires the “Aiguille Creuse” spot. For the end of the day, she enjoys a plate of oysters in front of the sea. The MALTI shoes were the stylish and comfortable boots, it was perfect for this thrilling but exhausting day. These quilted boots can suit every situation.

26/09/21 - 3h27 p.m

Admiring this architectural monument surrounded by the sea, she feels relaxed, eased and in phase with nature. Once again, she’s lost in her mind and she’s still dreaming about her crush from the train: the mysterious man with dark hair… Quickly brought back to reality by the rising tide, she’s so glad that her friend lend her the NICK camo printed boots. Thanks to the rubber sole, she won’t be soaked.

27/09/21 - 5h46 p.m

She’s so amazed by this impressionist landscape, sitting on the bench and contemplating her IKIA loafers with a gold jewellery piece that gives them a preppy and vintage style. She remembers her Beaux Arts years of studies. She is so nostalgic.

28/09/21 - 8h13 p.m

On her way back, the woman sitting next to her fall in love for her AMOR fluffy winter sandals that perfectly match her streetwear and effortless outfit. Mademoiselle W.F doesn’t pay attention, her eyes are lost and absorbed. She recognized the silhouette of a man walking away…

During this trip, our Parisian got the opportunity to do her introspection, she feels in harmony with herself, more confident. What about you? Create your own story with our collection « 7h52 Paris-Le Havre”. #WhatForGirls»

Collection SS21 : "Une parisienne à Nice ..."

This season, our designers have imagined a collection with for inspiration a Parisian woman who fly for vacation in Nice.

This trip begins as a love story, placed under the sign of holidays and sun, it will be filled with adventure and excitation. Our Parisian in quest of new desires, needs some colors, freshness, escape and discovery. After this difficult period, she wants a breath of freedom, happiness and fill her life with colors.

She imagines the day in the streets of Nice, walking on the Promenade des Anglais with acidulous colors like light yellow, light green, pink and more. In the evening, she sees herself in sophisticated and vintage looks. But without being too dressed to keep a holiday mood with pronounced colors such as gold and silver, original materials such as croco embossed leather or woven style. During her trip, our Parisian knew how to reveal herself, create and assert her own style. She was enriched by new meet and unforgettable memories which allowed her to blossom and reveal her universe.

And you, would you like to join our WHAT FOR adventure?